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Welcome to i+MED Laboratories company limited

i+MED is one of the leading Bio-business in Thailand. Founded in 2001, the company has successfully developed, manufactured, and distributed the high quality rapid tests, medical devices  as well as Bio-Medical products and services. There are 3 main business areas have been focused, Diagnostic, Life Sciences, and Bio-Medical Services. i+MED was the first Biotech-Startup company sponsored by Thai-government’s SME Venture Capital Fund, Recently, we plan to be listed in MAI (Market for Alternatives Investment) by 2011.           MORE >>






OEM Services:  

CD4SELECT is one of the cost-effective reagents for CD4+ lymphocytes Enumeration in Hemato-Analyzer Platform.

It is very benefit for AIDS patients in limited resource countries.

iLAB Alpha Thal is the World's First IC strip test for screening various types of alpha thalassemia trait in whole blood. The test will indicate the presence of alpha thal1 trait, HbH (alpha thal1/alpha thal2), Hbh-CS (Alpha thal1/Hb Constant Spring), AEBart's (HbH disease+Hb E trait), homozygous alpha thal 2.

Have you own your Rapid test brand?

Start at $1,000+Shipment!!!

With ISO13485 quality management system, our facilities are ready for fulfill your requirement.

Please contact info@imed.co.th

HOME | COMPANY | PRODUCTS | services | technical support | News/events | CONTACT US

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